Comprehensive Review and Analysis


Analysis of your business will give you a better understanding of where you should focus your efforts. We will determine the priorities by knowing the financial leverage we can achieve in these areas. Problems than can be attacked in the order of relevance. While this typically is preserving the business, controlling costs and employees, improving profits and sales, many areas other than financial enter into this. Owner goals, include retirement, succession, job satisfaction (Yes it is allowed for owners also),  and family concerns.


Why do you NEED it?

ALL business needs regular review. Just reading this literature should be giving you lots of ideas of what should be done, but details donít appear until analysis. Why should WE do it? Here are just 3 reasons.


1)       Outside perspective. You cannot objectively review your own business, any more than you can objectively review your personal behavior, your kidís achievements, or other things that are close.

2)       We will get better, more complete, and more truthful answers from your employees, clients, and suppliers than you can.

3)       We have the accounting, analytical, financial, and computer automation skills necessary to do a complete analysis and, accounting, analytical, and computer system skills required to do the job.


What do we expect to accomplish?

We will help you decide on what areas need to be addressed, and in what order. We will not ourselves solve the problems, but will help you determine how for you to best do so. This may involve internal changes, new employees or systems, or outside advisors. We can help in the selection of the selection of these people or products, and act as an outside consultant to monitor progress.


Preliminary Business Analysis

The Preliminary Analysis is the first phase of the Comprehensive Review of your company history and goals. The time can vary considerably, but 2-3 days will generally give us a decent perspective of a small business. The first part will be working with you, your employees, your accounting statements, and your accountant; and the second  will be doing both quantitative and qualitative analysis. I will give you a report at the end of this period.I will be working closely with you, we can shorten or extend the analysis as we mutually agree is merited.†† You have full control over the time spent and the directions taken, however I will make it clear if I feel in disagreement with anything. The areas reviewed may include, among other things, operations, administration, overhead ratios, cash flow, financial controls, productivity, material costs, sales and marketing and internal procedures and reporting.


What is your commitment?

Your major commitment is your time, and that of your employees.. Nearly all owners are busy, and there will always be things coming up, but and your participation is essential to provide maximum benefits, and avoid wasting time. I will also wish to speak with your accountant, department heads, spouse, bookkeeper, and  employees, and will want your last few tax returns, financial statements, and any business plans or analytical reports you may have. Some of the interviews can be conducted outside of normal business hours, however observation of the business during the normal course of a business day is usually an integral part of the process. All information of course will be held in the strictest confidence.