Arthur Altman


Management Executive · Securities Analyst · Investment Technology· Business Analyst


Qualifications and Experience Overview

Years as manager and owner of a computer services business, with considerable hands on experience, and expertise in programming, analysis, support and services, provide an understanding of the needs of a business. Integration of investment, financial, business, administration, marketing, research, and computer backgrounds provides an advantage in problem determination, and arriving at effective problem solution perspectives


Employment History

1980-2000 President /owner of Altman Information Systems, Inc. Recommended, selected, built, sold, installed and serviced office management systems and networks for Investment and Securities firms, Medical Offices, Hospitals, and a variety of other small business clients.


1974-1980 Investment Technology Consultant. Altman Information System (Private). Provided computer services, consulting, design, and programming to institutional investors nationwide, including national financial institutions and publications.


1970-1974 Securities Analyst at Aetna Life and Casualty. Designed, implemented, and managed computer system for securities analysis and selection, financial modeling and projections, portfolio and analyst evaluation, management, measurement and accounting.


1968-1970 Securities Analyst at Chicago Title and Trust. Covered 3 industries. Computerized Investment Division. Designed and implemented national legislation information system.


1967-1968 Market Research Analyst at Toni & Co. (Division of Gillette). Marketing and advertising research analyst, including survey design. Introduced desktop computing.


Securities Analyst, and Investment Technology Consulting

Strong finance, fundamental, technical, econometric, theoretical and research backgrounds. Studied construction, building materials, homebuilding, real estate, machine tools and transportation technologies. Also was responsible for data processing services and mini computer industries. Developed selection and evaluation tools for security analysts and portfolio managers. I was one of the nations original developers of investment technology tools and have worked with many major sources.


Business and Management Experience,

Built a successful profitable business from scratch, and handled all aspects of planning growth and management. Business was successful, and bought out after 30 years. In addition to all of the obvious sales, marketing, purchasing, negotiation, labor and accounting aspects of running a business, much of my business involved consulting of other business in these same areas. Became leading dealer and service center in each of the products and services I supported, and received many referrals from manufacturers and suppliers.


Microcomputers Selection Design and Support Services for Business

Started providing full service solutions for small business in the 80s. Built, installed, customized, trained on and supported systems for investment, law, medical, and other general business offices. Built workstations and servers, did system & data base design. Tops at programming, analysis and database design. Network, web and Internet experience


Investment Department Automation

Did the full design and implementation of systems at institutional investment departments at Aetna, Commonwealth Edison, Chicago Title and Trust and several other firms. Customized computer systems, used in management of accounts at a large Chicago Broker/Clearing firm, and other systems and services sold nationally to investment clients such as The Hancock, Wells Fargo, American Airlines, Citibank, Harris, American Airlines and, General Dynamics.


Developed many tools and management systems used for selection, performance measurement, management, evaluation and accounting of investments, securities, portfolios, analysts and individual companies, by analysts, fund managers. Projects included billing, trading, stock loan systems, option valuation and trading tools and reporting.


Designed developed and maintained major securities pricing, trading, fundamental, and technical information data bases on two time sharing systems used by investment firms and trading firms nationwide. Also created, developed and ran stock indices used by industry publications.



MA math. MBA marketing, 100 graduate credits in Math/Statistics. CFA 1&2.



Developed national legislation system, which was demonstrated and sold to the State of Illinois. Member of Blue Cross Advisory Board, U.S Selective Service Board,


Details of Computer Systems exposure


Unix/Linux /Windows integration – Support windows workstations on Unix servers. Utilize Unix’s far superior reliability and power, while allowing users the familiarity and software selection of windows. Worked with a variety of Unix networks for 15 years. Developed many specialized shell scripts and techniques and am involved in Unix-windows integration.


Novell, NT, Windows 95/98…etc – Familiar with Microsoft and several other products. Installed dos, most windows versions, and Microsoft products, and variety of other Dos/Windows/Unix products. Was featured in a Wall Street Journal adds for version 1.0.Novell software.


Early Micros and Networks - Have been using micros and networking systems since their inception. Familiar with the systems, interfaces and the design and technology dating back to CPM. Started with custom networking or IBM, HP, and DEC computers using micros.


Main frame/Mini - IBM 370, DEC 20, HP 3000 Developed investment and stock t pricing database applications, and worked with hundreds of clients. Portfolio selection, accounting and measurement, securities and option systems used nationally by investment departments. Owned ran and maintained HP 3000 timesharing system, and ran Dec 20 software system.


Bill Bailey in memory of my aunt Rose