Business Analysis and Evaluation

     Earn a return commensurate with your investment.



Improve profits   ---  have more time   --- solve those problems  --- sell your business  --- buy out that other business  --- track your sales and profits  --- learn where your profits are lost --- learn to control costs --- take a vacation ---  take another vacation --- don't worry, be happy ---  



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Business Review and Analysis

Identify the problems eating up your profits,

and the changes will result in the most rapid improvement.  


Get a better understanding of where to focus your efforts.  

Learn how to best use  your financial statements, and 

manage overhead , cash flow,  and reporting. 

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Business Consulting 

Are you achieving your goals? Do you even have any defined goals? What is wrong with what you are doing? Identify problems costing you business, employees, time and money. Are you aware of problems, or are you just working to hard? What changes will make you more happy with your business?  

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  Business Valuation



If you are buying or selling a business,  you should know what that business is worth to the other party also, and how to make it worth even more to them, and for you.



Contract Review and Negotiation


About to lease sign or update a Contract? 


 Have an Expert review of your agreements from, technology, investment, and financial perspectives. You can save money, make your contract more flexible, and often find areas which are overlooked. 


Computer Consulting     


Review your computer system problems and needs

 with an independent consultant


NOT the sales department of your vendors !




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